A mother-daughter collaboration that spun into being after countless trips throughout Asia, Central America, and the Middle East. Inspired by the textiles from our travels more than what's leading the current trend, we look to personify the laid back island lifestyle that our home practically breathes. 

     Each piece is hand sewn at our studio on Martha's Vineyard and purposely designed to outlive fashion cycles, in our attempt to create garments that are both timeless and constantly relevant. Each and every fabric used is hand picked during our travels, chosen amongst the many all natural fibers we encounter. We scour the marketplaces everywhere we go, searching for just the right colors, drape, and textures. It is our belief that the rise of "fast fashion" has brought with it some inevitable negatives: massive waste, over-production, and an overall culture that promotes  indistinguishability. 

We look to break this pattern.

We want you to stand out. 

We want to make every piece count.

We  envision people owning less clothing, but absolutely loving every piece they have for the unique joy it brings them. 

      Seeing you wear our garments means we are a step closer to that goal. We hope you love our designs just as much as we love sharing them with you. 



Kenworthy Mexico was birthed after our first trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2017.  Our mission was to collect textiles, but soon realized we were also awed and inspired by their tribal techniques used to embellish the local clothing.

  This trip we went back with the objective to support and collaborate with the local artists and help keep their traditions alive.

  Now Kenworthy has created  the clothing on Martha's Vineyard and the final touches of elegant embroidery are completed in a women-owned family workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Through this, our aim is to support women and artisans in a direct, fair-trade model, helping this culture-rich community to flourish.

  We made ten of each design using a cotton, silk or linen.  Each are hand-dyed by us with varying color.  They are then hand-embroidered by the artisan family in Oaxaca.

  The color palette of this first collection was inspired by the natural beauty of Oaxaca city and the desert mountains that embrace it. The embroidery designs were inspired by the local plants we grew to love.

Getting to know these magical ladies made the experience more exhilarating then we could have imagined.  We hope you enjoy these one of a kind pieces as much as we enjoyed the process!